SQL Engine

Combine data from any of your sources to send to your destinations using SQL
Freshpaint makes it possible for customers to send data from any source to any of destination, in any form they need, through the power of SQL. In this document, we'll walk you through what all that means, and how you can use this to supercharge your marketing and analytics.

How Freshpaint uses SQL

With Freshpaint's SQL engine, you can ingest any dataset into Freshpaint. If you connect to Salesforce, Freshpaint will import your raw Salesforce data into the Freshpaint SQL Engine. You can then write SQL over the raw data. That's true for any source; if you connect to Shopify, you can query that data too.
Individually, that's really powerful. But you can do more than that: with the SQL Engine, you can query Salesforce and Shopify data together. You can join data from both datasets based on some shared data between them, like an email address.

What this enables

With Freshpaint, you can send data from any source to any destination. With the Freshpaint SQL Engine, you can map the data from the source to get it into the format you want for the destination:
  • With SQL Scheduled Events, you can send data at regular times from your sources to your destinations. This unlocks the ability to:
    • Keep all of your analytics in one destination, regardless of where the data has to come from
    • Send marketing campaigns with Iterable and based on data from any of your sources
  • With SQL Transformations, you can transform events in Freshpaint with SQL. You can even join events with data imported from any source. For example, you could:
  • With the SQL Editor, you can query all of the data you have from your sources to create new events or just test that things are working the way you want.
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