SQL Editor

The SQL Editor lets you look at all of the data from your sources that you've connected to Freshpaint. With it, you can:

  • Run queries against that data and test that your sources are working correctly

How it works

You can find the SQL editor in your Nav Bar:

The SQL editor shows your source data as a set of tables. You can configure those tables when you connect to your sources; for example, with Salesforce, you choose which tables you want to sync with Freshpaint--those will be the tables shown in the SQL Editor:

The editor allows you to run any valid SQL to query the data that Freshpaint has access to at the moment.

As you can see above, you can also create an event from that SQL. Doing so will create a new SQL Scheduled Event that you can use to send this data to your destinations at regular times.

What it enables

The SQL editor is a powerful tool that lets you do several things:

  • Discover what tables you have available from your sources

  • Query data from your sources to test your data

  • Create new scheduled events that sends your data to other destinations

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