🌊Send data from any source to any destination with point-to-point integrations

Use Freshpaint's Point-to-Point Integrations to send data to and from dozens of systems

In this tutorial, we will set up Freshpaint to take data from a Salesforce account and send it to Mixpanel. Our documentation on Salesforce as a source covers this in greater detail; we'll be borrowing a lot from that.

In order to complete the tutorial, you'll need

  1. A Salesforce Account with some data that you want to send to Mixpanel

Step 1: Configure Salesforce as a Source

Visit the source setup in your Freshpaint account. You'll see that Salesforce is one of the choices; click the Configure button.

You will need to authenticate with Salesforce so that Freshpaint has permission to access your data. You can allow Freshpaint to sync all of your data; alternatively, you can only allow us to access data from a certain date onwards.

Choose which tables you want to sync with Freshpaint:

Then, pick a schedule when you'd like Freshpaint to sync your data and trigger a new sync.

Step 2: Configure Mixpanel as a Destination

To configure Mixpanel, head to the Apps page under Destinations. You'll see a screen which looks like below. Click the Configure button for Mixpanel.

For Mixpanel, you'll need to locate your project's token and API secret. Click the Configure button for your credentials and enter them on the modal that appears, like below:

For point-to-point integrations, your destination must be configured in server-side mode.

Step 3: Create a Scheduled Event Definition

On the SQL Editor, you will want to write a query to pull the data from Salesforce you want to send to Mixpanel, like below:

    casenumber AS insert_id,
    contactemail AS user_id,
    slastartdate AS time

Then, click the Create Scheduled Event button to create a new SQL event, like below.

Once you're finished, click the Create Event button.

Step 4: Run a sync

You'll be able to select Mixpanel as your destination. Click the Sync Production Now button to send data to Mixpanel!

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