Sources are how you get data into Freshpaint. Once you have configured your sources, you can send data from them to your different destinations. Currently Freshpaint supports the following five sources:


The Autotrack source is the main source of data for Freshpaint. Once you install the Freshpaint Javascript SDK, the Autotrack source will automatically start collecting data from your site. Checkout our overview of the Autotrack source for information on how to make use of the data collected by it:

Precision Tracking

Precision Tracking is an alternative way to track events from your website based on writing code. If you're an engineer, you may prefer to use the Precision Tracking source over the Autotrack source. By using precision tracking, you get to keep all your event tracking as code. You can also be confident that your events fire exactly when you want them. Checkout our overview of the Precision Tracking source for more information:


The server-side source allows you to send events to Freshpaint from your backend. This can be useful for sending data that isn't available on your frontend or if you are concerned about adblockers. Checkout the overview of the server-side source for more information.


The Stripe source allows you to send payment data from your Stripe account to your warehouse. Checkout the Stripe source overview for more information: